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CSS Syntax

CSS syntax-

A css rule is containing a selector and declaration block.

Simple Selector
It Selects all the elements that comply with given node name or based on the element name.
Syntax: eltname
Example: input will check any <input> element.

Class selector
It Selects all elements with a specific class attribute or which have the given class attribute.
Syntax: .classname
Example: .index will match any element that has a class of "index".

ID selector
The ID selector Selects an element based on the value of its id attribute. There should be only unique element with a given ID.
Syntax: #idname
Example: #age will check the element that has the given ID "age".

Universal selector
The Universal selector Selects all the elements. but, Rather than selecting elements the universal selcector selects that match quitely with any type of element that match.
Syntax: * Note|* *|*
Example: * (asterisk) will check all the elements in our document.

Attribute selector
The Attribute selector selects all elements based on the value of the given type of attribute.
Syntax: [attr] [attr$=value] [attr#=value]
Example: [autoplay] will check all elements in which the autoplay attribute is set (with thier value).

A property is a type of attribute of HTML tag or element it defines what charateristic to alter it could be alter by any HTML element like color, border etc.

Values are allowed to CSS properties and the interactions between them.

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