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Blogger Tutorial For Beginner

What is blogging - In a simple way blogging is a platform that we provide information ourselves to the world through internet. Blogging is simple and easiest way than web developing in web developing you need a good knowledge of programming languages.

If you are a teacher, a Student, a housewife, a Writer, a fitness instructor, a Yoga teacher etc you should start writing a blog.

To start a blog you need some basic things.

  1. A fast and secure internet connection.
  2. Computer (desktop/laptop)
  3. Quite a place where you can write your blog

Now how to start writing a blog

first, you need a platform (topic) what type of knowledge do you have in what topic are you specialist some topic are these.

  • You're a technical advisor.
  • An architect.
  • A COOK.
  • An information provider like if you have deep information of particular area about a country, tourist places, a sport so many things you can add in your blog.
  • A Teacher.
  • Motivational person.
  • A Book writer or poet writer.
  • A fitness instructor.
  • A photographer etc

for example- You are excellent in teaching so you can teach subject online through blogging lots of many things that you can add in your blog but remember one thing always never cut copy paste data from another website or blog it's against Google's policy if you copy data from another blog Google will block your blog so write your blog by your own knowledge.

Now how much will you earn from your blog:

First, don't think about money think about your topic provide good data on your blog in a nice format templates update on a daily basis if you working smartly then traffic will generate automatically on your blog and your earning will go up. To earn from your blog its all depend on your work how are you presting your platform to the peoples if you providing good data and updating daily basis.

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