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Domain & Hosting Tutorial

Web hosting is a service which provides servers space by paying to publish your website. It is a service needed for the webpage or website to viewed in an internet. In website Hosting the web space keep your data stored and from the storage section, it will be edited and published by your end. Generally, it gives the provides space to the servers in which websites can visible on the internet.

There are multiple providers who provide domain and hosting plans for the website where you can buy both the plan or you can choose the plan according to your choice like domain from first providers and hosting from another provider. It is up to you what plan you like or not. Some of the services are below under hosting are:

  • Unlimited Storage Capacity.
  • Unlimited email address(professional email).
  • cPanel for your website.
  • Installation in One Click Process. (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and many other CMSs)

Select Your Hosting Server:

Web applications are basically two types of hosting in which you have to choose one among them in that hosting platform.?

  1. Windows Hosting: It works in .NET, ASP script and other supportable Microsoft technologies like Microsoft SQL Server and Access database system.
  2. Linux Hosting: It works in the running script which is written in Perl, Python, PHP and other Unix languages which supports MySQL database which is the most commonly used software in nowadays.

Choose Your Hosting Plan:

There are many services for web Hosting such as:

  1. VPS Hosting Service(Virtual Private Server Hosting): The server of website divided into several virtual compartments because the server software can perform the function independently. It is a preferred option which has a high-security concern.
  2. Cloud Hosting: These types of the plan make VPS for better performance. It allows multiple servers to work together to host a website or a group of websites.
  3. Shared Hostings: It is a basic hosting plan. Shared hosting multiple websites can use the same servers to save that save the costs.
  4. Managed Hosting: The managed hosting manage the maintenance of running website in exchange for a higher price.

Change DNS Address:

It is also one type of Domain server DNS which stands for Domain Name Server. After purchasing a domain and hosting, you will get a name of the servers which contain IP address. For working in your website, you have to do some changes in the Name servers of your domain. It is a mandatory procedure to follow

  1. Visit to the domain control panel.
  2. Type your registered email address and password.
  3. Then click on the Domain Name to change the name of the servers.
  4. Find Name Server Option in domain registration section.
  5. Feed your current web host and replace the existing servers then click on update name server button in below.
Finally, Upload Your Website:

Upload your website through FIle Manager of CPanel or FTP Client(Such as Filezilla).

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