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E-Mail Marketing Tutorial

What Is Email Marketing?

E-Mail Marketing is a process in which you create conversation for Business by sending E-Mails to targeted Audience. It is very good in establishing a connection matching with your prospects and ensuring revenues back to the business in a cost-effective manner. In Personalizing emails which are based on your contact's data and behavior is key to increasing more engagement and building trust with your prospective customers or clients. It shows that you care and respond to their needs.

Benefits Of E-Mail Marketing are-

  • It increases sales in a boasting manner.
  • Simple and Effective Reach to the audience.
  • The credibility of the result driven.
  • Making Generation of leads and Calls.
  • An interactive way of communication.
  • It gets started very quickly.
  • It attracts a new client.
  • It cost Less investment and give more Profit.
  • It offers a personal touch to a client.
  • Range Worldwide.
  • Targeted only Intersted Customer when selected.

What To Use Email marketing For?

  • It is useful in Sending notifications/messages to your email Subscribers to reach your goal.
  • Building trust and a relationship in your email which helps to grow the business.
  • Provide them Free Value of your services.
  • Sell them Products easily with all details by email.

Types Of Email Marketing:

  1. Newsletter: It is Like a Magazine which is sent by you on every day, weekly or monthly basis to your Subscriber it includes the latest trends, blogs, festivals wishes and many more.
  2. Drip Marketing: Drip is a way in which you can target your audience based on their behavior Like if you open your first mail you get another mail or if you didn't open your email you get a remainder. basically, it is a way of Series of E-mailing it is also known as Lead generation mail.
  3. One Time Download: In one time Download Marketing, the salesperson search the profile of a client and then he/She Sends a Personalized email to contact directly with clients
  4. Cold Emails: It is the mail which is sent to a receiver without prior contact or a request to them. Remember that Cold E-mailing is different from spam emails.
  5. Support & Transactional: It is a type of email that is triggered by an action performed by the user through a website or mobile app. Like, shipping confirmations, invoices, and receipt account notifications and welcome emails etc.

Some of the Email marketing Platform are:

  • MailChimp
  • AWeber
  • Drip From lead pages.
  • SendGrid

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