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JSON Introduction

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is lightweight data-interchange format.JSON can understand by any one who have basic knowledge of any programming.It is based on a subset of the JavaScript Programming Language.
JSON is easy to read and write, language independent, supports array, object, string, number and values.

JSON use two structure

» A collection of name or value pairs.
» An ordered list of values.

"key" : "value"
  {"name":"Rohit", "email":""},  
  {"name":"Monu", "email":""},  
  {"name":"Deepak", "email":""}  

» We can also convert any JSON received from the server into JavaScript objects.
» We Can Sending Data
» We Can Receiving Data
» We Can Storing Data

Convert JSON into a JavaScript object or JavaScript object To JSON

JSON Example

	  "xml version=\"1.0\"?"

» JSON can be use with a wide variety of programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby and Java.
» JSON easily embed with any language.
» Many developer prefer JSON over XML.

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