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Python Dictionary

Dictionary work as a container that hold data.Dictionary is a set of key and value pair,enclosed within curly braces.Dictionary is mutable i.e., value can be updated.

item ={1,2,'Rahul','Rohit',3,4,'a'}  
print item


Accessing Dictionary key and Values

item = {key1:value1,key2:value2}
item1 ={'name':'Rahul','id':123}
print item1


Updating Dictionary Elements

item1={'rollno':1, 'Name':'Rahul', 'Class':'12'}  
item2={'rollno':2, 'Name':'Mohit', 'Class':'11'}  
print item1  
print item2

{'rollno':1, 'Name':'Rahul', 'Class':'10', 'Grade':1}
{'rollno':2, 'Name':'Mohit', 'Class':'11', 'Grade':2}

Deleting Dictionary Elements

del statement is used for deleting operation.

item={1:'Rahul', 2:'Mohit', 3:'Kumar'}  
del item[3]  
print item    
del item  
print item 

{1:'Rahul', 2:'Mohit'}
NameError: name 'item' is not defined

Built-in Functions

Dict.cmp()Compares elements of both dict
Dict.len()Total length of the dictionary
Dict.str()Printable string representation of a dictionary
Dict.type()Returns the type of the variable
Dict.clear()Removes all elements of dictionary
Dict.copy()Returns a shallow copy of dictionary
Dict.fromkeys()Create a new dictionary with keys from seq and values set to value
Dict.get()For key, returns value or default if key not in dictionary
Dict.has_key()Returns true if key in dictionary dict, false otherwise
Dict.items()Returns a list of dict tuple pairs
Dict.keys()Returns list of dictionary keys
Dict.setdefault()Set key as default if key is not already in dict
Dict.update()Add dictionary
Dict.values()Returns list of dictionary dict’s values

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