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SQL Defination

What is SQL?

  • SQL full form is Structured Query Language.
  • It is used to access and manipulate data in databases.
  • It is created for maintaining data in RDBMS(relational database management server).
  • It perform the task like creation,updation,deletion,insertion, fetching rows and modifying rows etc.

All DBMS such as MySQL,MS Access,informix,Oracle etc are use SQL standard databse language.


  1. It is not a case sensitive language.
  2. It is pronounced as See-Qwell.
  3. Every command is closed by semicolon(;).


  1. If user perform any wrong transition,SQL always give system defined message.
  2. SQL didn't support the code usability, that means you need to write insert,delete,update, each and every time.
  3. SQL doesn't support the condition and looping statement etc.
  4. Network failure exist because of more than one statement is used at a time.So it increase the network failure.

To solve all these limitation we used PL/SQL to resolve the problem.