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SQL Operators

Operators In SQL:

Operator symbols are used to perform operation on the basis of operands. In SQL all operators are based into their classification types:

  • Arithmatical operators
  • Comparison operators
  • Logical Operator
  • Miscellaneous Operators

Arithmatical operation:

Description Operators Work
Addition + a+b=c
Subtraction - a-b=c
Multiplication * a*b=c
Division / a/b=c
Remainder(modulas) % a%b=c

Comparison operators:

Description Operators                 Work
Greater than symbol used to analysis the greater value. > a>b(here a is greater than b)
Less than symbol used to operand the less than value < a< b (here a is less than b)
Greater than equals to compare the value either it is greater than or equals too => a=>b (here a is either greater than or equals to b)
Less than equals to compare the value either it is less than or equals too <= a=<b (here a is either greater than or equals to b)
Equals to compare both operands on right side and left side. = a=b (here both operands euals to each other)
It check the left value operands are not equal to right operands. ! a!=b (here both operands equals to each other)

Logical Operator:

Description Operators
AND Operator combines two or more than two condition together. If both condition is true then the result became return to true. AND
This Operator reverse the meaning of any logical operator. Not
OR Operator combines two or more than condition together. In this condition only one condition is true and other is false. OR
It Search the value with in the set of values where it is maximum and minimum BETWEEN
It searches the specified table for UNIQUENESS UNIQUE

Miscellaneous Operator:

Not in like Exists
In null Is not null Any
not between ALL IN
Union all Union Intersect
minus some