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SQL Syntax

Syntax In SQL

SQL is followed by unique set of rules and regualation called Syntax. In this tutorail we are providing you basic SQL Syntax that were used widley.

Generally SQL keywords or code are written in uppercase because SQL is not a case sensitive language.
SQL statements is written in one line or in multiple lines.
You can perform most of the action in a database with the use of SQL Statements.
SQL mainly works in algebra and tuple relational calcus.

SQL statement:

THE SQL statement are started withh many command or keywords such as SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE,DROP,ALTER etc.and all the statement are closed with semicolon(;).
Example of SQL statement:
SELECT"coloumn_age" FROM"table_name";

Why to use semicolon after SQL statements?

Semicolon is used to separate or closed the first statement in SQL statements.It is a standard way to separate SQL statements in a database system in which more than one SQL statements are used in there same cell.